Once we have talked to you about your case we will tell you what the fixed fee for the work on your case will be

Advice & Checking


If you need some advice before completing your application yourself and would like it checked over to be sure that it is correct.


This service will include:


·         A consultation with our solicitor either by phone, email or in person

·         An letter detailing advice for making your application

·         Our immigration solicitor will check the documentation and completed form which you can scan and email to us

·         You will be told if there are

o   If there are any missing documents

o   If any information is missing from the form

o   If there are any other issues with the application which could lead to a refusal


Fee - £300 + VAT (£360)

Full application preparation


We can prepare your application for you entirely. We have a fixed fee for standard applications. However, if an application is particularly complex and will take up more time than usual, the fee may be higher. If this is the case, we will advise you right at the start what the fee will be.


This standard service will include:


·         Initial advice on the requirements for your application

·         A consultation either in person, by email or by phone depending on what is most convenient for you

·         Filling in the relevant application form

·         Compiling and checking all the necessary documentation to accompany application

·         Drafting a covering letter to accompany application if necessary

·         Sending the application to the Home Office

·         Providing copies of all documents and application form

·         Providing written advice confirming all actions



Most standard applications                                                            £500 + VAT (£600)


If several family members are also included there may be an additional charge depending on the type of application.