Contact a solicitor by Email for free initial advice at dh@maasolicitors.co.uk

Fees – Fixed fees for applications unless arranged otherwise

Our Fixed Fee Service:       

  • Consultation with a solicitor accredited to give immigration advice by the Law Society either in person or by email
  • Detailed advice letter  setting out the requirements for your application and highlighting any areas that may be problematic
  • Checking online application form or assisting in filling in paper form
  • Compiling and checking all the necessary documentation to accompany application
  • Drafting a covering letter to accompany application if necessary
  • Providing written advice confirming all actions

Disbursements and Home Office Fees are not included in these fees

If a case is more complex the fixed fee may be higher. This will always be agreed before any work is carried out.

VAT is payable on all fees at 20%


FAMILY APPLICATIONS – Family of a Settled Person Visas                           £550


Fiancé(e)s and Proposed Civil Partners          

Unmarried and Same Sex Partner


Parent Exercising Rights of Access to a Child Resident in the UK

Parents, Grandparents and other Dependent Relatives

VISITOR VISAS                                                                                         £400

Standard Visitor Visa

Marriage Visitor Visa

POINTS BASED SYSTEM                                                                            £550

Tier 1 General, Tier 2, Tier 4, Tier 5

Family Member Applications

SETTLEMENT APPLICATIONS                                                                    £650

UK NATIONALITY                                                                                    £550

Applications for Naturalisation & Registration

EEA APPLICATIONS                                                                                 £500

Family Permit

Registration Certificate

Residence Card

Permanent Residence

Hourly Rate                                                                                                £125