European Law Applications

European Economic Area (EEA) citizens can apply for a registration certificate if they are living in the UK as a “qualified person”. After 5 years they can apply for permanent residence. Their immediate and extended non-EEA family members can also apply for entry to the UK on a family permit or for a residence permit if they are already in the UK.


We can help with:


•           EEA Registration Certificates & Residence Permits

•           EEA Family Permits (for non-EEA family members outside the UK)

•           EEA Permanent Residence Permits

•           Derivative Rights of Residence for those who care for EU or UK children

•           Retained Rights of Residence for those whose EEA partners have died or who are divorcing or who have left the UK

•           Family or Residence Permits for non-EEA partners of British citizens who have been living together in another EEA country. (Surinder Singh applications)




Immigration Applications -  We can help with all personal immigration


o   Family Entry Clearance

o   Spouse/partner/fiancé

o   Family settlement

o   Dependent Relative

o   Visitor

·         Visitor Entry Clearance

·         Ancestry Entry Clearance

·         Extension of Leave Applications (including switching category)

·         Family and Article 8 (the Right to Private and Family Life) Applications - If you do not currently have any status but are the parent of a British child or if you have been in the UK for 20 years or more then it may be possible to regularize your stay.

·         Domestic Violence Applications

·         Indefinite Leave to Remain (settlement)