Ian Hudson

Ian Hudson recently has joined our firm as a Consultant and has specialised in criminal defence for over 30 years, qualifying as a Duty Solicitor in 1992 and as a Solicitor Advocate in 1996.


As a Higher Court Advocate, he covers the whole spectrum of criminal law, including murder, attempted murder, all types of Road Traffic Act cases, including Death by Dangerous Driving as Advocate at the Crown Court. He regularly appears in the Crown Court for GBH with intent and wounding cases, fraud, money laundering, theft, supply of Class A, B and C drugs (acting for the ‘top dog’ right down to the defendant who owns the safe house), DSS fraud, sexual offences, possession of offensive weapons, robbery and bladed articles.


Ian is a tenacious Advocate and will provide you with first class representation to get you the best result.  If you deny the charge, he will effectively challenge the prosecution and police case in every detail. He has the knowledge and expertise to advise how to present your case for the best outcome.

Notable cases

R v L  - Juvenile charged with Murder. Guilty verdict returned after a two week trial. Dealt with sentence as the sole Advocate. Lenient sentence of 9 years handed down.

R v G -  Adult male charged with Murder. CPS accepted a plea to "one punch" Manslaughter and client received 12 months custody.

R v W  - Adult female charged with Attempt Murder of her Father-in-Law by poison. Client had a Mental Disorder at the relevant time. Guilty plea entered. After calling two Psychiatric Experts for the Defence, the client received a s37/41 non-custodial Hospital Order Disposal.

R v R  - Adult male charged with Attempt Murder by fire. After negotiations, the CPS offered no evidence. Client pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of Attempt s18 GBH.

R v M  - GBH - Adult male OAP charged with GBH in a nightclub. Acquitted after trial.

R v N  - Adult male charged with production of over 500 plants cannabis with a street value of over 20k. CPS offered no evidence on the basis the client was a victim of human trafficking.

R v H  - Adult male charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine to undercover police officers in various brothels. Acquitted after Trial.

R v S  - Adult male charged with conspiracy to supply over 5 Kg of cocaine with a street value of over 200k. Early guilty plea entered on the basis of non- leading or significant role. Suspended sentence handed down.

R v M  - Adult male on Trial charged with robbery of a vulnerable 84 year old man. Submission of "no case to answer" on the basis of mistaken identity accepted by Judge. Not guilty verdict, upon direction, returned.

R v S -  Adult male charged with Aggravated Burglary armed with two knives entering victims home. Client had a mental disorder and had been provoked by the victim. Sentencing Guidelines Category 2 applied, with a starting point of 6 years. However, after psychiatric evidence and relevant mitigation a suspended sentence was handed down.

R v L - Juvenile Male jointly charged with male adult with two counts of knife robbery. Client had a mental disorder. After mitigation and psychiatric evidence, a Youth Referral Order was imposed, whilst the adult received a custodial sentence of over 6 years.

R v H   - 13 million money laundering conspiracy in an under police operation. Client found guilty after a 7 week trial

R v R   - Male juvenile charged with rape and strangulation with wire after a forced entry to victims home. Dangerous provisions applied. CPS lodged an A.G.Reference on the basis that the sentence the Crown Court Judge was "unduly lenient". Successfully opposed in the Court of Appeal in relation to the custodial element which remained the same.

R v T  - Male adult charged with 100s of Category A  sexual images of children. Early guilty plea entered. Client avoided custody by way of a suspended sentence.