European Law Applications

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European Economic Area (EEA) citizens can apply for a registration certificate if they are living in the UK as a “qualified person”. After 5 years they can apply for permanent residence. Their immediate and extended non-EEA family members can also apply for entry to the UK on a family permit or for a residence permit if they are already in the UK.

Post Brexit

Currently the government agreement with the EU is that all EEA citizens and their family members who arrive in the UK before December 31 2020 will have the same rights to live and work in the UK as they do now and can continue towards permanent residence after 5 years. However, this has not been finally agreed and may change. 

All EEA citizens (even those with permanent residence) will have to apply for a new status under UK law before December 31 2020. The government have said this will be a low-cost streamlined online application.

The government have said there is no need for EEA citizens to apply for permanent residence before this new status has been rolled out later this year. 

However, for an EEA citizen to apply for British citizenship then they have to have a permanent residence card. Non-EEA family members also need to have documentation to prove their right to live and work in the UK. 

Our EEA immigration solicitors can help  with:

•           EEA Registration Certificates & Residence Permits

•           EEA Family Permits (for non-EEA family members outside the UK)

•           EEA Permanent Residence Permits

•           Derivative Rights of Residence for those who care for EU or UK children

•           Retained Rights of Residence for those whose EEA partners have divorced or who are divorcing or who have left the UK

•           Family or Residence Permits for non-EEA partners of British citizens who have been living together in another EEA country. (Surinder Singh applications)