Liam Hassan

Liam qualified as a solicitor in 2005, and has been with the firm since early 2007.

He is a Duty Solicitor, both at the police station and in the Magistrates Court., and has a wide experience in dealing with cases, including rape, murder, arson, serious assaults, and fraud cases.

 Liam specialises in dealing with Youth Court matters and road traffic law, but has wide experience in a number of cases and matters including sexual offences, domestic violence, assaults and public order matters and fraud cases (including white collar crime).

Just like all the solicitors in the firm, Liam is qualified as a Court and Police Station Duty Solicitor.  Liam takes part in the firm’s on call rota, representing suspects in the Police Station 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, to ensure that the best outcome possible is achieved from the outset of each case.  He can deal with matters from the police station to the Crown Court and Courts of Appeal, and regularly practises as a Higher Court Advocate.

Notable Cases

R v D / R v H – Representing two defendants in two separate cases where allegations of rape were made. Cases involved disclosure issues over social media / text messages. In both cases, the messages were used as evidence and the clients were acquitted.

R v S and W – Representing two defendants accused of theft from employer – case involved the examination of a number of documentary pieces of evidence which showed that the prosecution case was contradictory. The case was dropped by the CPS upon the service of this evidence.

R v K – Representing defendant involved in large drugs conspiracy involving a number of other defendants, police surveillance evidence and forensic examinations.

R v O – Representing defendant accused of arson with intent.  The case involved the examination of contradictory witness accounts and timings. Case was dropped by the prosecution upon representations.

R v O – Representing defendant accused of high value fraud / money laundering with large amounts of money passing through her account. Work undertaken to verify her defence in terms of evidence presented to the Court. The matter was then dropped by the prosecution.