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We are the exclusive providers throughout the whole of the UK of what is known as Motor Prosecution Defence (MPD) to one of the biggest insurance aggregators in the world.  If you have a Motor Legal Expense Insurance add-on to your car insurance, there is every likelihood that you will be put through to us. 

We can take on your case before the police are involved, and can arrange voluntary attendances at the police station, and represent you at courts across the UK.  MPD is usually limited to those incidents that do not involve allegations of the use of drink or drugs, and when the allegation involves the use of the insured vehicle.

Even if you are not insured with one of the brands that we regularly work for, we can work with your insurer.

In England & Wales we work closely with the expert barristers at 2 Bedford Row, and at Exchange Chambers, as well as a network of agent solicitors.

In Scotland, and in Northern Ireland, we work with a number of trusted agent solicitors and advocates and barristers.

Private Client Work

If you are not covered by an insurance policy, or if your case is a drink or drug-related allegation, we are still happy to help.

Wherever possible, we will firstly try and save you money, by using your entitlement to Legal Aid.  This means that any attendances at a Police Station, either as a volunteer, or under arrest will cost you nothing.  If you are eligible for legal aid at a magistrates or Crown Court court we will assist you with applying, and represent you, if the order is granted.

If you are not eligible for legal aid we provide fixed fee prices for those matters which will be dealt with by guilty plea, so that you know exactly what the case will cost you.  For not guilty pleas, we provide a discounted hourly rate, of £115 per hour, and an estimate of what we think your case will cost you.

Many solicitors will not publish what they will charge you, and if you are shopping around, it may be worth asking how much the hourly rate is, and what the experience of the staff would be.




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